Steering Board

The Steering Board gives direction and guidance to the five committees and acts as the liaison between honors students, the Honors Program office, and the Honors Council. Each class elects two representatives to sit on the Steering Board; the co-chairs of the committee are elected by the entire honors student body. Additionally, each class elects a support-representative, who will fill-in for the class representative as needed.

The Executive Board that represents the Honors Program consists of the Co-Chairs, a secretary and a treasurer. The secretary and treasurer positions are filled by a class representative or support representative who are nominated by the Steering Board.

Additional details on membership of the Steering Board and its duties are spelled out in The Steering Board Constitution.

Current Members

Co-Chair John Furcick -

Co-Chair Steven Latimer -

2018 Trevor Thomas -

2018 Liz Miele -

2018 Support Matt McGuffey -

2019 Treasurer Ryan Azer -

2019 Secretary Danielle Piontkowski -

2019 Support Andy Meier -

2020 Delfina Rodrigues da Silva -

2020 Alex Knapp -

2020 Support Chris Nicolella -

2021 Rachel Adams -

2021 Alisha Arshad -

2021 Support Claire Zwack -

AdvisorHonors Assistant Director Kathleen O'Leary -

The Activities Committee organizes events each semester to encourage relations between honors classes and the Clarkson community.

The co-chairs of the Activities Committee are elected by the entire honors student body, however, students may volunteer for ad hoc committees for specific events.

The members of the Service Committee help all Honors Program students complete the service requirement for graduating with honors, by coordinating service events and tracking hours. Each class is represented by one member of their class on the Service Committee; the co-chairs are elected by the entire honors student body.

Student ambassadors are responsible for representing the Honors Program by hosting prospective students, networking with alumni, performing on-campus recruitment events, and regularly taking part in phone-a-thons.

The purpose of the Historian Committee is to maintain a record of Honors Program events, including location and attendance, in order to improve upon future events. Additionally, the Historians provide associated imagery by photographing events.

The Webmasters maintain the honors student government website, the email distribution lists used by the student committees, and the rest of the Google Apps infrastructure used by the student government. Webmasters also assist with any technology projects as needed.