Clarkson Honors

Student Website

This website provides information and utilities for students concerning the student-run portions of the Clarkson University Honors Program. It has information on the student committees, the meeting minutes for the Steering Board, the submission form for service hours, and the textbook exchange.

Honors student government is a wonderful opportunity to influence the administration and direction of the program. Representatives are elected from each class to serve on the general Steering Board, and others are chosen to sit on the four subcommittees: Service, Honors Ambassadors, Activities and Webmasters. In addition, five students are elected each year by their peers to serve on the Honors Council, a group of Clarkson administrators, faculty and students that oversees admission to the Honors Program and also approves thesis proposals.

Contact information for each committee is listed on their pages. Questions and feedback on Honors student governance in general should go to the Steering Board.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Class of 2020 should review the 'About Service' page to receive updates being made to community service hours.