Every Honors student must complete a minimum number of community service hours, equivalent to five hours per semester in the Honors Program, in order to graduate with an Honors degree. In order to ensure that progress is made towards completing this requirement, students must complete a minimum of 50% of their required hours by the last day of classes of the fall semester of their junior academic year. These hours must be completed between the student’s enrollment in the Honors Program and the end of his/her last academic year prior to graduation. If a student does not complete the requirement before graduation, an Honors Program degree will not be granted. Appeals regarding interpretation of the service guidelines may be made in writing to the Steering Committee.

NOTE: Due to the technical challenges arising from the COVID-19 outbreak, the class of 2022 and class of 2023 will be required 5 fewer hours for graduation (i.e. the total required will drop from 40 hours to 35). As of now, the requirements for all other classes remain the same.

Goals of Service
  • Directly benefits members of the community by fulfilling needs within the community.
  • Develops ties between Clarkson University and the surrounding communities.
  • Builds a sense of community within the Honors Program.
  • Provides an opportunity for Honors students to broaden their range of life experiences.
Kinds of Service
The five required hours of service per semester of participation in the Honors Program can be completed in the following ways:
  1. Events planned by the service committee, or advertised by the service committee (i.e. if sent out in an email from a service representative).
  2. Individual service projects proposed by an Honors student and approved by the service committee.
  3. Service to the Honors Program, planned by the Honors office (such as phone-a-thon, Open House, orientation, etc.).
  4. Service to Honors community projects such as the Clarkson Food Pantry.
Conditions for Service
  • No more than one fourth of the required hours can be fulfilled by option C.
  • At least half of the service hours must be performed while the student is at Clarkson.
  • Each act of service must uniquely fulfill the Honors Program requirement and no other. Service required for other organizations may not count as Honors service.
  • Students receive credit for the actual duration of an event, not for the planned duration of an event. If an event that was supposed to last 2 hours only lasts 15 minutes, then only 15 minutes is counted.
  • The service activity must not express political commentary or otherwise render an opinion for or against a community issue (no protesting). The event may encourage political discussion, while remaining neutral.